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WWII "Donkey Ear" Trench Binoculars 1943 & Georgian

WWII "Donkey Ear" Trench Binoculars 1943 & Georgian

SKU: TJ2945822

Here we have an exceptional pair of World War 2 “Donkey ear” or “Rabbit ear” trench binoculars/Telescope.  Designed for trench enemy observation in cover and safety without having to expose a soldier’s head to enemy fire.  Made from heavy duty solid brass with all manners of twisting knobs for ultimate vision precision.  Numbered and dated to 1943.  The main telescope sits on a heavy-duty wooden stand.  A suburb piece of military memorabilia with fascinating history and great interior presence.  The brass binoculars can be housed inside its original box.   

  • Product Info

    Brass and wood


    Height: 55cm
    Width: 25cm 

    Standing full Length: 150cm 

  • Shipping/Returns

    Please contact me prior to disuss shipping details.

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